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Adidas Hybrid 300 Boxing Gloves Review (16oz)

I love my Winning lace ups but sometimes it isn’t practical because I’m either training at home or sometimes there are situations when there’s no one around to help you lace up your gloves.  I work offshore for half the year as well so it isn’t practical for me to go looking for someone to help me lace up.    There are also times where you’d like to take your gloves off and on (for instance to reset the interval timer on your phone or iPod) and then it may be annoying if you have to go and find someone to re-lace your gloves for the second or third time.


These are hybrid gloves and although I’m not exactly sure what that means, I think it’s a mechanism that offers somewhere between the security and support of traditional lace-ups with the practicality of the velcro system.  These Adidas 300 have a clever elastic strap on the inner sleeve that tightens as you pull the velcro over.  It offers really good wrist support.  I’ve been using them every day since I’ve been offshore, training twice a day (just over an hour each session), every day and I’ve used them for sparring out here too and the support holds up great.  The outer skin has a few perforated airholes and the lining inside is a satin-like material that’s really cool, breathable and comfortable and my hand feels really good inside.  I’ve worn these with training wrap but also with bandage and gauze methods of wrapping your hands.  The latter method obviously makes your hand more bulky but my (Euro) size 8 – 9 hands still fit nicely inside the glove.  I don’t have particularly big hands for a guy though but for me, they’re comfy – more comfy than my RDX ones which were my first ever glove.

The Adidas Hybrid 300 gloves retail around 80 – 90 GBP so they’re at the higher end of the spectrum.  You’re paying that extra money for the extra wrist support (which admittedly is very good) and the quality of the materials and the linining which again are good.

My one gripe, is that I’ve noticed around the inner thumb area, the “skin” of the glove has already started to rub away.  I’m not even sure how that’s happened (or is happening).  These gloves are training gloves so I think they can be used for sparring and bagwork but I think there’s a trade off right there because sparring gloves are designed to be softer (obviously for facial impact) and bag gloves are padded extra and more hard wearing as you’re going to be striking leather and synthetic bags lots of times over.  With a training glove you’ll never get the full durability of separate bag gloves and sparring gloves, though.  If you love your gear and you have more money to throw at your gear, you can afford to buy two sets of really good gloves but this isn’t a bad in-between.

There’s a definite “band” when buying gloves.  You’ve got the sub 20 – 50 GBP range then a 50 – 100 GBP range and then you enter the Holy Grail 100+ GBP range.  When I compare these Adidas to my Winning pair there’s obviously no comparison for comfort and balance but actually the balance isn’t too bad – they feel a little bulkier.  What do I mean by that? Well my Winning are 16oz but they’re so well balanced they feel ridiculous like 12 or 14oz – these Adidas 300 are 16oz but they definitely feel like 16oz!

The Hybrid 300s  are at the middle to higher end of the glove spectrum and it’s not a bad effort from Adidas.

One important point is that unlike my RDX, the quality of material is good enough that with one hand gloved, I can grasp the velcro strap with my gloved hand and actually pull it on normally.  With the RDX ones I couldn’t move my fingers enough and ended up using my teeth to pull the velcro strap and secure down the remaining glove.  The problem I found with my old RDX (which were around 30 – 50 GBP) is that if I didn’t grip the bar inside properly there were times when my thumb would ache while hitting the bag.  Maybe the shape of the RDX was a little unforgiving and I didn’t form a proper fist inside at times, due to ergonomics.  This hasn’t happened once with the Hybrid 300s.

I love boxing gloves (and boxing boots!) – Something about the shiny colours, those classic shapes – the way that no two gloves made by two manufacturers seem to feel identical.

These Adidas are worth a try for sure.  Most shopping is done online nowadays and if you’re like me, then I hate returning stuff via post.  With gloves it’s not a bad idea to go to a boxing club and try some different ones if you can do that and find what’s right for you.  You’re going to be doing a lot of hitting hard and soft and at different speeds and different types of bag – it’s important to find a glove that doesn’t hurt your hand (through poor design in ergonomics or material).

Always look after your hands.


My 16oz Winning boxing gloves…

I’ve never actually owned a pair of really nice gloves before these and I’ve certainly never written a review on a pair of boxing gloves.  I’m not going to write massive, long prose on subject matter like stitching, don’t worry!  I think there’s someone on another site that’s done that already! 🙂 – just in case that sort of thing floats your boat.

The quality of the leather is really good.  Soft and feels broken in blahdy, blahdy blah [ Sorry! ] but it’s the feel of the glove that’s on another level.  Before this I was boxing in a pair of RDX T9 bag gloves which are about 37 GBP (about 50 USD).  Putting those on and putting these Winning ones on… it’s like night and day.  The first thing you notice when you’re punching is the balance.  The weight distribution on these is amazing.  I can’t really describe it any other way.  They’re so well balanced that despite being 16oz, you can’t actually feel it.

I managed to pick these up on a good deal on ebay from the seller Kozuji for 220 GBP (288 USD) but I know that for some of the fancier colours you can easily add on another 80 USD. You can guess where the money is going.  Materials (without doubt), craftsmanship (absolutely) but for me it’s the balance.  When you lace those suckers up and they’re on your hands – they just feel great.  It’s like you’ve got the boxing equivalent of Excalibur on your hands.

This is my first lace up pair but it’s actually a nice thing walking up to someone and asking them to help you lace up your gloves.  I don’t know what it is but it can help break the ice if you’re in a different gym and you can use it as an excuse to introduce yourself.

They’re a premium price though – there’s no getting around that but if you’re into your training and boxing’s not just a casual fancy then I’d consider these.  I’ve heard about the longevity and the quality of the padding as well.  I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t regret them.

I love mine.